Welcome to Bonfire v0.9.0-dev

Some things have changed since the last version, specifically pertaining to the installer. Here is the new way Bonfire v0.7-dev handles the installation.

Before continuing:

  1. Create your database manually
  2. Edit your application/config/database.php file accordingly


Your Web Root should be set to the public folder, but it's not. It's pointing to the Bonfire Root folder.

See below for an example of how your site should be set up in Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "[...]/htdocs/Bonfire_Root/public"
    ServerName Bonfire.Root
    ServerAlias Bonfire.Root.local

Please Note: Since this is a developmental release there will be bugs. If you uncover any please read this before submitting your detailed bug report here.

If you feel like you can contribute either by adding features or fixing issues please fork the repo, start your work in a new branch, and submit pull requests for review.

"Let's make this the best kick-start to any CodeIgniter project." ~ The CI-Bonfire Team